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I’m Lucas Vieira Barbosa, a 28-year-old guy from Brazil currently studying physics as an undergraduate. (Yeah, I started a bit late. Had my reasons.)

I’ve been contributing to Wikipedia since 2004, and over the years my contributions gravitated towards diagrams and animations for mathematics and physics articles.

My goal is to make people truly grasp these concepts by tapping into intuitive visual representations of ideas, displayed in a pretty, elegant and memorable way. I explicitly avoid language-restrictive labels because I believe these ideas are universal and belong to everyone. This is also why I release my work in the public domain, no strings attached. I believe the entire world deserves to know how awesome math and physics are, and this is why I do all of this.

If you think my work is valuable, consider making a donation to show your support.

This tumblr blog will also be a vehicle for works in progress, some other material that didn’t make the cut, as well as some more experimental stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else.