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I’ve been making educational animations for Wikipedia for years now. It has always been a completely volunteer effort, and I never really got anything from it other than the joy of learning new things about math and physics, and being able to show them to others in a memorable, intuitive and visually pleasing way. I release everything I create in the public domain.

I just want people to understand how cool math and physics really are, and how simple some complicated looking things can be if you look at them the right way. To my great pleasure, it has worked really well so far!

Over the years, the reactions have been very positive, especially since I created this tumblr blog. It’s been very exciting to see so many people getting enthusiastic about math and physics because of my work.

But lately, things have been a bit rough, and free time and money has been scarce. Being a college student takes its toll on anyone, and living off a tiny student grant and my limited personal savings (one of the reasons why I started college so late) is pretty tough. I’m rather frugal as it is, but my income is still mostly negative.

So I decided to open up for donations. If you like my work and feel that it is worth something to the world, then consider making a donation. Anything would help me worry less about money and survival, and more about learning new stuff and getting me motivated to keep on making the world a better place with my educational animations.

Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you all for the love and support so far! It means a lot to me!